Waiting List

The port is fully booked at present and all mooring places have been assigned.

For any places that might become available due to waivers or other reasons, there is a Waiting List.

This Waiting List is made up of and subdivided into four categories:

cat. A

for boats with size up to 7.00 m of length

cat. B

for boats with size ranging between 7.01 and 10.00 m

cat. C

for boats with size between 10.01 and 14.00 m

cat. D

for boats with length greater than 14.01 m

To be enrolled in this Waiting List, applicants must come to the office of the Marine of Alassio bringing along valid ID and having made a transfer of 50.84 Euro on the postal account no. 27841592, and fill out the Application form to be enlisted in the Waiting List (click to download the form)

To continue to remain listed in the years after the one in which the first enrollment request was submitted, send the Waiting List Enrollment Confirmation form by registered mail with return receipt between January 2 and 31, together with copy of the transfer on the postal account no. 27841592 of Euro 50.00 without envelope (Art. 2.7 of the Regulation for mooring of yachting watercrafts in the tourist port of Alassio).

Updated versions of the Waiting List will be available approximately one month after the deadline of January 31, time necessary to wait for all forwarded notices from the post offices.