Mooring in the “Budello”

Are you at anchor with your yacht and do you want to go shopping or visit Alassio? No problem!
Dock at “Bestoso” Pier, located in the center of the sandy gulf of Alassio, right in the heart of its touristic center.
The access points are located at the end of the pier, on the outer sides.

Come and visit Alassio! We are waiting for you



Emplacements for loading / unloading can be used by the following boat types:

A. Passenger/cargo traffic boat, maximum length 30 metres;
B. Recreational boat with maximum length of 12 metres; with free edge between 30 and 100 centimetres. The gangways are connected to a mechanical device, via cable, allowing them to be lowered to the sea level for docking operations or for hoisting them to rest at dock height. Units wishing to use the marina services can make use of the following: 2 positioned mooring posts; the mooring rope, salvageable by means of a relieving rope / hanger from yellow buoy, is made up of a single cable of 40 metres, which connects the two mooring posts. The user must kedge on the two ends of the cable [towards the ground and towards the sea] to adjust mooring according to the size of the boat. Subsequently the boat will be approached with the help of “a boat hook “.

Description of the tween decks
Those who wish to take advantage of embarkation / disembarkation points described in the previous paragraph must pass the pertaining tween decks. The tween decks, to the west and the east of the pier, have similar sizes and are parallel: length 100 metres. (until reaching buoys that mark off the bathing area), width 20 metres; they are signalled in the sea by means of orange entrance buoys with white flag rope float buoys; all in orange.

Loading / unloading berths are managed by “MARINA DI ALASSIO SPA”. Embarkation / disembarkation landings are raised, also alternatively, in case of adverse weather and sea conditions according to the opinion of Marina di Alassio and mandatorily in the event of: – Waves, exceeding one meter in height; – Winds over 15 knots on average or 20 knot gusts. Depending on weather conditions, boats must only use port of embarkation / disembarkation placed downwind.

[Coordinated Regulation with relevant order issued by the Maritime Authority for the seaside safety]
1] The use of the single deck is permitted as provided in paragraphs A and B of this Regulation.
2] Boats must proceed slow motion, safely and at speeds not exceeding 3 knots and however, in displacement trimming.
3] Boats using the deck must engage the mooring berths for the time strictly necessary for embarkation / disembarkation.
4] Boats that use the deck should be restricted for accessing / or leaving the landing dock and cannot occupy it for periods exceeding transit operations. It is not allowed to anchor, carry out general stationing or sail.
5] Each boat can access the single deck only if it is completely clear of other boats: loading / unloading operations, for each landing can be accomplished exclusively by one boat at a time.
6] Bathing, both sport and professional fishing, or any underwater activity is prohibited in the tween decks.

1] Boats are obliged to perform mooring / unmooring manoeuvres maintaining orientation of the bow in the direction of the coast. If the size of the boat allows for reverse orientation of the bow towards the open sea within the tween deck, such manoeuvres are to be performed after covering 15 meters on the outer side of the wharf.